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Meet the Governors

Governors - Chairs of Committees
Trish Amesbury - Chair of Governors
Vicky Ball - Vice Chair of Governors Co-opted Governors
Anna Isles - Chair of Performance and Standards Committee
Vicky Ball - Chair of Resources Committee 
Charlotte Rayner - Chair of Curriculum Committee

Our governors carry out an invaluable role in school, listed below are their roles on the governing body.

Name Category Appointed Term of office Date of leaving governing body
Amesbury, Trish Co-opted Governor 10.05.2016 4 years
Ball, Vicky Co-opted Governor 28.11.2016 4 years
Battye, Hannah Parent Governor 25.11.2016 4 years 02.07.2019
Bennett, Ilona Co-opted Governor 07.02.2017  4 years 11.01.2018
Bowden, Cathy Parent Governor 01.10.2015  4 years 10.11.2017
Chambers, Karen Staff Governor 26.11.2013 4 years  17.01.2018 
Crowe, Emma Staff Governor 13.03.2018 4 years  31.08.2018
Hinde, David Parent Governor 08.06.2016 4 Years  
Hopcraft, Kate Parent Governor 19.06.2017 4 years
Isles, Anna Co-opted Governor 01.09.2016 4 years
Lister, Andrew Co-opted Governor 01.05.2015 4 years
Murray, Ed Co-opted Governor 01.05.2015 4 years  01.03.2018
Nind, Deborah Headteacher 01.09.2011 N/A
Parnes, Sharone Co-opted Governor 15.03.2016 4 years
Petter, (Rev) Oliver Local Authority Governor 12.03.2019 4 years  
Rayner, Charlotte Co-opted Governor 14.10.2015 4 years
Staniland, Rosemarie Staff Governor 01.09.2018 4 years  
Thorpe, Kate Parent Governor 09.02.2018 4 years
Yaxley, Helen Co-opted Governor (HLTA) 06.10.2015 4 years

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Governor Attendance

Governor Committee Memberships

Governor Committee Attendance


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William Fletcher Primary School, Rutten Lane, Oxfordshire, OX5 1LW
01865 372301