The Curriculum

The Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum at William Fletcher consists of the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects . The Curriculum taught is creative, broad and balanced. It is knowledge rich, with time given for the children to build upon key vocabulary, skills and concepts at every stage of their time at William Fletcher.

We plan the curriculum carefully, providing a clear progression of knowledge and skills from Reception to Year 6, this leads to a greater knowledge of each subject discipline and skills over time, and prepares our children for their transition to Secondary School.

We foster life-long learning behaviours through developing strong oracy skills and critical thinking. We develop cultural capital through our well planned enrichment activities across the curriculum ensuring the children have a wide range of opportunities. As a UNICEF Rights Respecting School we ensure that our children develop a strong sense of the importance of community, fairness and empathy.

Curriculum Implementation

Our teachers in each key phase plan lessons together, ensuring that core knowledge is taught clearly and consistently across all classes. Previous learning is revisited and reviewed with children at key points in a unit of work.

Our school has strong leadership for each subject area of the curriculum. Staff meet regularly to review the curriculum and to share learning from CPD opportunities. The Governing Body holds the school to account via the Curriculum Committee.

Vocabulary is taught explicitly and effectively across the whole curriculum. There is a high level of talk in all lessons, applying key vocabulary and allowing for reasoning and depth of discussion in learning.

Learning at William Fletcher is made accessible to all children by regular assessment of prior learning, opportunities for talk and feedback.

We use the Building Learning Power approach to develop independence, resilience and pupil involvement, engagement and deeper thinking.

Formative assessment is used routinely within lessons, in order to address childrens misconceptions swiftly and efficiently. Summative assessments take place three times a year to track childrens progress against the curriculum.

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