Assessment is vital to ensure that we can identify those pupils who are exceeding or working towards the expected standards so that we can support them effectively. Key stage teams choose three of four key objectives/skills for each geography topic and then look for evidence of pupils meeting, exceeding or working towards these during lessons. Data is collected on a termly basis and analysed by the subject leader. Staff within key stages are aware of the need to challenge more able geographers and help those who require additional support.

Geography enables children to explore the environment and the world around them, as well as helping them to identify their place in it. Taking part on geography lessons and activities builds children’s curiosity, leading them to ask questions about the world and develop their understanding of it. Geography allows children to assess and navigate both their immediate locality and places further afield in the wider world. Through the learning of physical geography, children develop key skills relating to location, navigation and place knowledge. Geography, alongside other subjects such as RE;RSE and our Rights Respecting Schools work, enables our children to develop as global citizens who have an awareness, understanding and respect for the variety of cultures and lifestyles in our world as well as our planet itself.

We use a range of teaching and learning strategies at William Fletcher School to achieve our main aim which is to ensure that children develop their geographical knowledge, skills and understanding. Our lesson structures and approaches vary depending on the specific objective being taught. Lessons focusing on location knowledge may include the use and exploration or resources such as atlases and maps, as well as interactive resources such as Google Maps, Google Earth and other websites. Where possible, we aim to make place knowledge tangible for the children through visits and trips to different places. This may tie in with another curriculum (e.g. visiting Avebury stone circle during a history topic) and cross-curicular links are made where appropriate. Geography learning is often woven through other areas of the curriculum where the main focus for a term is geographical in nature. This, as well as ensuring we teach discrete geography lessons, enables the children to experience geography in a wide variety of ways.

All children at William Fletcher, regardless of ability, have access to geography curriculum. Teachers plan for the inclusion of pupils who may require extra support to access the learning. This may be achieved in a variety of ways, for example: differentiation of tasks or the level of support received etc.

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