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The school is named after William Fletcher who was the school’s benefactor. He was brought up in the village and went on to become Mayor of Oxford and an Alderman. He was an inspirational man who had a strong sense of community and gave a sum of money for the first school in the village to be established. Each year on Founders day we remember William Fletcher and his generosity in establishing our school.

At William Fletcher Primary School we enable our children to be the best they can be. We do this by providing a safe and secure environment where children enjoy coming to school. We provide excellent teaching and learning opportunities for all our children and work hard to establish good links with parents and carers.

Our teachers have excellent subject knowledge alongside an understanding of how children learn. They celebrate success as well as being able to identify what each child needs to learn next and ensuring that they do so. Our teachers themselves have an enthusiasm and passion for learning. They provide a varied and inspiring curriculum that stimulates children’s intellectual curiosity and appetite for learning. It also develops those skills children need to become independent lifelong learners.

Our school is at the centre of the community, we value highly the support of the village community and think it is important that not only do our children achieve academically but they also become good members of their local and wider communities. We strive to develop a good model of active community participation through a range of initiatives.

Our Values & Ethos

We provide a safe and healthy environment in which children can thrive.

We aim for our children to enjoy themselves, to achieve their maximum potential while making a positive contribution to the life of the school. We wish to equip them with confidence and the necessary skills to ensure they go on to have active and fulfilling lives.

Excellence in teaching and learning. Our teachers inspire inquisitive young minds.

They do this through having thorough subject knowledge alongside an understanding of how each child learns. Our teachers and teaching assistants celebrate each child’s successes as well as identifying improvements that can be made and how to make them. All of our teachers have a passion and enthusiasm for learning.

An inspiring and innovative curriculum.

The curriculum we provide for our all our children is one that stimulates an intellectual curiosity and an appetite for learning while developing those skills children need to become independent life long learners. Every child in our school experiences success and enjoys acquiring skills and knowledge.

Working in partnership with families and the community.

At William Fletcher Primary School we acknowledge the vital partnership between home and school if the children are to benefit from the best education. This partnership underpins all that we do and believe.

Taking pride in our school and ourselves.

We are extremely proud to share our achievements with all in the school and the wider community. We promote each individual’s emotional and spiritual growth as well as their social welfare. We look after each other and value positive behaviour and attitudes.

School Development Plan

Every year we use our school self-evaluation to help identify the priorities for school development during the coming year. These are organised into four key areas of: Quality of Education, Behaviour and Attitudes, Personal Development and Leadership and Management.

These priorities are just some of the areas we will be working on this year, if you would like further information regarding the School Development Plan then please speak to Mrs Nind. 

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