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Eco Council

The school council is made up of representatives from each year group. Children are elected to the school council by their classmates.

The council meets every term and discuss ways to make our school even better. Past initiatives have included purchasing playtime equipment, designing the school sensory garden, planning the garden opening and developing playground buddies.

Building Learning Power Team

The BLP group is made up of ten children from Years 1 to 6.
The BLP Group aim to build learning power across the school.
We have four BLP superheroes who set an example and show us different ways of learning.
Each week, we look for children who have used their Learning Powers to help them to learn.
Perhaps they have;
  • Thought hard about their learning like Reflective Raj.
  • Used things around them to help them learn like Resourceful Rosie.
  • Worked well as part of a team like Reciprocal Robbie.
  • Shown great focus and concentration like Resilient Ruby.
We give out certificates to children who have shown great learning behaviour.
We will also be running projects, such as on times tables or spelling, to help us all to learn and to fulfil our potential.

Anti-Bullying Group

We are going to be working on making some leaflets that we can share with the children in the school. We are going to make posters to share with children, showing them who they can go to for help should they need it. Later in the year we are going to make an anti-bullying video that we can share with the rest of the school.

Arts Council

The William fletcher Arts Council was set up in 2020, we want to help everyone in our school enjoy taking part in the arts.

The arts are made up of dance, drama, music and art. We think it is important for everyone to be able to take part in the arts for lots of reasons. These include:

· You can put yourself in other people’s shoes and understand how they feel

· It’s fun to be creative

· Making art is a good way to come together with friends

· You can express yourself and your feelings

· Dancing is a good way to stay fit and healthy

Our first activity this year will be to start lunchtime art club, if you are interested in taking part speak to a member of the Arts Council.

Digital Leaders

The Digital Leaders group is made up of a representative from each class in KS2. The group meets each term to discuss Computing across the school and internet safety. The Digital Leaders group work hard to promote key messages about internet safety. This includes leading a whole school assembly on Safer Internet Day in February. This year, the group have also been involved in the setting up and running of a weekly Code Club for KS2 children.

Article 12

UNICEF Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA)

What is the RRSA?

The UNICEF RRSA is a UNICEF programme that aims to put children’s rights at the heart of schools in the UK. The programme and accreditation are based around the 54 articles cited in UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) and aim to create a world in which all children are protected, educated, healthy, heard and treated fairly.

Here at William Fletcher, we have already achieved Level 1 accreditation and are proud to be working towards gaining our Level 2 certification.

We believe that being a Rights Respecting School encourages our pupils to realise their own rights and potential, as well as enabling them to become advocates for children’s rights all around our world. In doing so, we hope that pupils may help to tackle some of the complex issues facing our world today and in the future.

How do we do it?

School life:
Our RRSA work is embedded into our curriculum and school life. We make cross curricular links with UNCRC articles in lessons and the pupils have taken part in campaigns and events to raise awareness of the importance of children’s rights. We have class charters which reference some of the articles the children feel can help to create classroom environments where everyone can learn and be safe and happy. We also make links with other schools and organisations in our community and beyond to help raise awareness and support children who are denied their rights.

The Article 12 Committee:

The Article 12 Committee were thrilled to learn that we have gained our reaccreditation for our Gold Rights Respecting Schools Award. We plan to continue to build on the great work done by the pupils in the previous years’ committees and continue our journey as a Rights Respecting School. We meet regularly to talk about children’s rights both in and out of school and how we can work together to ensure that these are promoted, respected, and protected. We plan to focus a lot on the link between the environment, climate change and children’s rights as this is something we feel very passionate about and want to do a lot of work on. We are also planning another Children’s Rights conference for next summer, where we will invite other schools to join us for discussions and activities based around children’s rights and our world. We are focused on positive action and making small changes which will have positive effects.

Sports Crew

This year the Sports Crew are going to be helping to encourage everyone to be active and to improve their fitness levels.

Sports Crew will lead activities, games and tournaments. Sports Crew will become Active Buddies to encourage children who may be struggling with their fitness challenges. We will organise fun challenges throughout the year so that everyone gets the chance to participate.

The Sports Crew will be role models, to lead by example, to show how to be good sportspeople.
We will be fair and respectful and show good teamwork skills.

Library group

This year, we will continue the day to day running of the library by learning how to use the computer system to scan in books, add new pupils and adding new books donated. We will also keep the library tidy each week. 

We are going to make a ‘Book Recommendations’ display. We will start off by letting the library crew recommend books before opening out to the whole school. We also hope to reorganise books into different age ranges and put them into alphabetical order to help with the day-to-day organisation.

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